"I believe that the fusion of organic electrochemistry, medicinal chemistry & reactor engineering can help to access novel compounds and accelerate the drug discovery process. "
Bingqing Tang
MiEl Doctoral Candidate

About my academic career

About my thesis - Flow electrochemical cross-coupling as a new tool for drug discovery

Organic electrosynthesis is an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach, which can realize redox transformation via anodic oxidation and cathodic reduction, avoiding the use of stoichiometric amounts of hazardous redox chemicals that could harm the environment.

This project aims to develop novel electrochemical methodologies to expand the toolbox of reactions available for medicinal chemists for molecular editing, selective functionalization of biomolecules and direct synthesis of drug metabolites. Our approach involves combining batch and flow electrochemistry technologies to support high conversion and selectivity synthesis while also enabling rapid products formation. The methods will have a specific focus on the direct applications in ongoing medicinal chemistry projects, as well as progress towards a more environmentally friendly pharmaceutical industry.