MiEl has recruited 12 doctoral candidates to carry out PhD work on the following topics :

Modelling, simulation and techno-economic evaluation

Synthetic process development

Integrated cell concepts,
prototypes and sensors

Mathematical modelling of multi-step reactions and flow cell simulation

Multiphase electrosynthesis
- Morgan Regnier -

Design and fast prototyping of electrolyser cells applying 3D printing technology

Two-phase flow in porous electrodes
and flow cell simulation

Flow electrochemical cross-coupling
as a new tool for drug discovery

Design and integration of sensors of technological quantities

Scale-up, design and cost estimation of technologies under development

Sustainable oxidation processes for pharmaceuticals via flow electrosynthesis

Integrated cell concepts of flow cells on thermoset based printed circuit boards

Electrochemical detection and
conversion of small molecules

Reaction process screening
and monitoring

Electroorganic synthesis of reactive intermediates

The job advertisements were published on the website EURAXESS. Most positions are now closed and information on the selected doctoral candidates will be published shortly.