"Revolutionizing sensor technology involves pushing the boundaries of what sensors can do, enhancing their capabilities, and exploring new applications. Sensors serve as the primary interface between the physical world and digital systems, enabling the acquisition of valuable data for analysis, decision-making, and automation. "
Abdullah Khan Gul
MiEl Doctoral Candidate

About my academic career

About my thesis - Design and integration of sensors of technological quantities

The goal of this Ph.D. work aims to design miniature, low-cost, low-energy consumptive sensors of various quantities (e.g., temperature, flow, pressure, moisture, and other as will be required during the electrochemical development).

The work will use the best measuring and control practices and the current state of material and chemical engineering, thin-layer technologies, and manufacturing. The process of integrated sensor development will include appropriate physical principle selection which will work under given circumstances without undesirable cross-sensitivity to interfering phenomena and without influence of ambient conditions.

The following steps will focus on the development of new sensor platforms or on the improvement of existing ones by means of thin-film technologies (e.g. inkjet printing, sputtering, evaporation, etc.) or advanced electronics. A highly innovative approach will also be taken in the field of sensor integration into PCBs and electrochemical processes and subsequent testing combined with data evaluation and feedback control. Moreover, advanced statistics applied on-line on the output from integrated sensors in the parallel working units will also lower the need for complex analysers and selective laboratory analytical methods.

The sensor development and miniaturization, active material selection, signal processing and data mining will lead to unique procedures, technologies and prototypes applicable in the area electrochemistry, flow chemistry and micro-process engineering.