"Electrosynthesis, hand in hand with the advent of cutting edge and standardized technologies, offers great opportunities to rethink the production of complex molecules, essential building blocks and discover new reactivities so as to answer modern synthetic challenges in a sustainable fashion. "
Morgan Regnier
MiEl Doctoral Candidate

About my academic career

About my thesis - Multiphase electrosynthesis

Electrosynthesis is an important tool as it enables to minimize waste production and direct use of renewable energy sources to allow for new/efficient transformations. Therefore, it is crucial to develop electrochemical methodologies that are easily scalable, robust and are using standardized equipment to maximize reproducibility. 

This project is therefore focused on combining electrochemistry and continuous microflow conditions to forge new compounds. 

Combining the two techniques promotes a better reactivity as it significantly reduces the inter-electrode gap, allows for better mass/heat transfer (crucial in multiphasic systems) and significantly eases the scalability compared to batch methodologies. Moreover, using available/renewable feedstocks as well as green solvents (e.g water) will be core to this research in order to deliver sustainable and industrially viable synthetic pathways.