" Organic Electrosynthesis is a really promising field and it could transform the chemical industry, making it more sustainable and cost-efficient. "
Samuele Marinari
MiEl Doctoral Candidate

About my academic career

About my thesis - Sustainable oxidation processes for pharmaceuticals via flow electrosynthesis

Traditional direct chemical oxidations to highly oxidised functional groups involve currently the use of toxic or explosive oxidants. In this context, electrochemistry might enable the development of a more sustainable cost-efficient and highly selective oxidative processes.

This project is focused on exploring never before-investigated electrooxidative transformations, which could become a key step in the process to important pharmaceuticals.  The approach is first the investigation of the electrooxidation in batch and then its scale-up in a flow system. Both the electrocatalytic and the direct electrooxidation will be investigated. The gained data collection will facilitate the transfer of the new methods to other pharmaceticals and chemical products.