"Participating in Miel project allows to collaborate with the experts from academia and industry. I am glad to have a chance to contribute to the project by conducting the technoeconomic analysis and optimization of the new electrosynthesis routes which I believe would provide sustainable pathways for industrial applications."
Tuse Asrav
MiEl Doctoral Candidate

About my academic career

About my thesis -
Scale-up, design and cost estimation of technologies under development

The aim of this research is modelling and evaluating the new integrated electrochemical synthesis technologies in early-stage design using a generic methodology. For this purpose, a highly scalable, innovative simulation-based optimization framework will be developed for rapid evaluation of techno-economic analysis. A superstructure will be introduced to the framework including the library of models and database of CAPEX&OPEX.

For decision-making and optimizing under uncertainty for the scaled-up models, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis will be made using Monte Carlo simulations. The potential of each electrosynthesis routes will be monitored considering the target economic metrics, specific upscaling and parallelising potential.

The work will be applied on novel electrosynthesis processes in pharmaceutical/fine chemicals production. Thus, the promising potentials in the industrial applications will be identified and the business opportunities will be defined accordingly.